Missouri Valley Conference Postgraduate Scholarship

The Conference shall award annually two (2), $10,000 postgraduate scholarships, one (1) each to a male and female scholar-athlete. Recipients must demonstrate outstanding achievements in athletics, scholarship and citizenship, with the primary focus on the scholarship being an academic award.


  • Recipient must have achieved a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.4.
  • Recipient must have earned a varsity letter in the last season of competition.
  • Recipient must demonstrate the positive influence of athletic participation and community service on his/her personal and intellectual development.
  • Recipient must graduate from their institution(s) within 18 months following selection at the spring meetings of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Committee.
  • Recipient must be accepted for postgraduate studies at an institution of higher learning at the time of receipt of the scholarship.
  • Recipient must have completed eligibility for participation in intercollegiate athletics in the academic year in which nominated.
  • Recipient must enroll in postgraduate studies within 18 months of selection for the award, or the scholarship shall be given to the alternate recipient.