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General Description

The faculty athletics representative(FAR) is a member of an institution's faculty or administrative staff who is designated by the institution's chief executive officer or other appropriate entity to represent the institution and its faculty in the institution's relationships with the NCAA and its conference(s).

The FAR works to support a campus environment in which the athletics program is maintained as a vital component of the educational program and in which student-athletes constitute an integral part of the student body. The NCAA also notes that the FAR serves as the "principal advisor to the CEO on all matters related to intercollegiate athletics" and helps "monitor the coordination of compliance efforts and rules education among campus entities out side the athletics department."

Appointed By: President in consultation with faculty and administrative officials.

Eligibility: The FAR shall be a full-time tenured member of the teaching faculty.

Specific Responsibilities at University of Northern Iowa (UNI)

The general scope of the FAR's role at UNI is consistent with the description provided by the NCAA and summarized above. In addition, the FAR at UNI has certain other responsibilities. Committee responsibilities of the FAR are the following:

  1. The FAR chairs the UNI Compliance Team.
  2. The FAR serves as chair of the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Council.
  3. The FAR chairs the Student-Athlete Appeals Committee (non-financial aid issues).
  4. The FAR will offer to report annually on athletics to the Faculty Senate and other appropriate institutional boards and committees.
  5. The FAR will meet at a minimum, on a quarterly basis with the President to review and/or discuss issues pertaining to intercollegiate athletics and UNI student-athletes. The FAR will prepare and submit an annual report, to the President and Provost. Copies of the report shall be filed with the President/ Provost, Vice-President for Administration and Finance, and the Director of Athletics.
  6. The FAR serves on committees that hire head coaches and senior athletic administrators.
  7. The FAR serves on MVC committees, occasionally as chair. The FAR casts the institutional vote on all matters.
  8. The FAR serves on NCAA committees, when appointed.

The current FAR for UNI is Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh, Associate Professor of Family Services and Gerontology. Dr. Eshbaugh was appointed to the role in the summer of 2015.